• Musical Comedy Masterclass

    Hughie has over 6 years of experience teaching musical comedy at the Second City and across the country. Hughie is passionate about sharing his experience and inspiring the next generation of comedians, collaborators, and creative thinkers. He is currently booking master classes across the country.

    About Hughie

    Hughie Stone Fish is an educator, writer, music director, and performer with years of experience teaching and performing in theater across the country. Hughie’s comedy band Lewberger were finalists on NBCs hit comedy competition show Bring the Funny, and Hughie taught at and wrote for The Second City for 6 years.


    The class draws upon Hughie’s experience working, writing, and performing with comedic giants such as Keegan-Michael Key, Jason Alexander, Jim Belushi, Chrissy Teigen, Quinta Bronson, Maribeth Monroe, Keith Habersberger, Alex Lewis, Ari Stidham, Larry Joe Campbell, and Carl Tart.


    At the Second City, Hughie founded Second City Hollywood’s first ever house musical improv team, Track One, and wrote, directed, and musical directed countless premium shows including shows like Afros & Ass Whoopins and Cancer the Musical, which both celebrated over a year of continuous performances. Hughie has taught musical improv across the country in places like Syracuse and San Diego, and does regular private coaching for teams in Los Angeles. At one point in his time at Second City, Hughie had music directed and/or written songs for 50% of marquee shows running at the theater.