• What's happening in america right now

    I stand firmly in my belief that our police system must be reformed and that black people are unfairly persecuted in our country.


    I believe we can affect positive change for those who have been unfairly persecuted.


    Here are some ways to help!

    I support every word

    We demand that Jewish Federations, Foundations, Organizations, and Initiatives be held responsible for instituting policies that celebrate, acknowledge, and support Black Jews, and Non-Black Jews of Color.

    An incredible organization in Syracuse focused on ending violence

    Clifford Ryan has been walking the streets of Syracuse, New York for years. He marches every day for the end of violence, and has been instrumental in mobilizing protests in Syracuse, as well as de-escalating violent and potentially violent situations.

    An inspiring organization in Syracuse focused on helping the homeless, led by Al-amin Muhammad

    Al-amin Muhammad says 'If We Eat, They Eat.' He has dedicated his life to feeding, clothing, and helping the homeless and the working poor in Syracuse, New York.