• What's happening in america right now

    I stand firmly in my belief that our police system must be reformed and that black people are unfairly persecuted in our country.

    An incredible organization in Syracuse focused on ending violence

    Clifford Ryan has been walking the streets of Syracuse, New York for years. He marches every day for the end of violence, and has been instrumental in mobilizing protests in Syracuse, as well as de-escalating violent and potentially violent situations.

    An inspiring organization in Syracuse focused on helping the homeless, led by Al-amin Muhammad

    Al-amin Muhammad says 'If We Eat, They Eat.' He has dedicated his life to feeding, clothing, and helping the homeless and the working poor in Syracuse, New York.

  • Hughie was nominated for two emmys!

    The nominated categories are: Outstanding Original Song and Outstanding Writing for a Special Class Series

    Brainwashed by Toons

    A series looking at the history of racism, sexism, and anti-semitism through the lens of cartoon history

  • Hughie Stone fish Presents: Syracuse Digital comedy workshop

    Stand Up Comedy taught by Mirage Thrams

  • Love Trees Wine - Official Music Video!

    Pisces Party!

    Celebrating Pisces everywhere, the partners who support them, and turning a birthday into a birth-month

  • Music available everywhere

    Hughie's album 'Look How Quickly Everything's Changing' is available everywhere you can listen to music.

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